Thermal Imaging is a specialty service which can be included as a part of your home or building inspection.

Thermal Imaging is a non-invasive, non-destructive assessment tool for measuring surface temperature on walls and surfaces which can assist in the detection of moisture and deficiencies in insulation.

Thermal image - Weather Tight SolutionsThermal Imaging uses an infrared, high pixel resolution, high heat sensitivity detector camera which captures and displays subtle thermal patterns and small temperature differences to detect and document anomalies which are often only visible in infrared. Anything from leaky homes, to wet or mouldy insulation can affect the temperatures and can be picked up by the camera. It’s a fast, reliable way to find out what’s going on behind the walls that you can’t see directly with your eyes.

The thermal scans can also help you identify the areas of heat loss in your home, another reason that our clients choose to add a thermal image report to our inspection services.

Thermal Imaging Reports are emailed as PDF Files as soon as they are completed. You will receive a courtesy text message to inform you that your report has been emailed.

Top image features the FLIR camera that we use. For more information visit: