Weather tight reports offers solutions to moisture damage in your homeWeather Tight Solutions offers 4 services:

  • A quick scan, non-invasive, verbal home weather tightness inspection (very useful if the home is going to auction as the cost is less and the information can be turned into a full written report if you are successful at the auction). 
  • A comprehensive non-invasive weather tightness and building inspection with full written report.
  • Thermal imaging.
  • Invasive and destructive testing.

Weather Tight Solutions are specialists at : 

Pre-purchase inspections. 

Pre-sale inspections. 

Weather tightness inspections. 

Home and building warrant of fitness checks. 

Building inspections. 

Thermal imaging. 

Invasive and destructive testing and inspections. 

to check that water is not getting into your property or that internal moisture is not causing damage to your building. If you have questions about any of our services we would be happy to discuss your individual needs.

Quick scan

Weather Tight Solutions offers a quick scan service. As the purchaser or home or building owner, you will need to be present as we assess your property by undertaking a full non-invasive inspection. The information is given to you verbally. 

This service is particularly useful for pre-purchase inspections of properties being sold at auction. The cost is less and if needed, the information collected can be turned into a full written report if you are successful at the auction. 

While no written report is provided with our quick scan service, you will be left knowing if there are any issues and whether a full report or further inspection is needed. If you would like to know more about our Quick Scan service contact us today>

A complete weather tightness building inspection

A weather tightness property inspection involves a thorough and comprehensive report of the building, inside and out. A report assesses your property for moisture penetration, moisture levels, structural and health risks, gradual deterioration and general and preventative maintenance needed.

Reports include photos, a detailed description of the areas and any issues. If needed, a scope of works with remedial plan and a full estimate for any needed repair, remedial or maintenance work can be provided.

Moisture readings will be taken with non-invasive meters and are investigated if any leaks or water damage is found. Any areas of concern will be identified including aspects of general and preventative maintenance needed. Structural stability and weather tightness is checked.

Any areas of interest where water gets in via the cladding or roofing system, or areas of internal moisture penetration which can result in wet timber framing that raises the likelihood of timber decay due to consistent elevated moisture levels are clearly identified. 

You will get a full written report advising the following points:

  • Moisture penetration.
  • Internal moisture penetration. 
  • Gradual damage or deterioration. 
  • Moisture levels. 
  • Structural issues. 
  • Health risks. 
  • Significant defects. 

We look at all areas of your home or commercial property including: the site, subfloor, exterior, cladding, drainage, joinery, deck and patio, roof exterior, roof space, interior, services, accessory units, ancillary spaces and buildings.

Invasive Testing

Invasive Testing is often needed to confirm the diagnosis of moisture in your property. You may have had a non-invasive inspection carried out recommending invasive or destructive testing. For more information view on this page: Destructive Testing

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging helps us to highlight possible areas where leaking may be happening. It also highlights areas of poor insulation and can be used to check the thermal performance of your building. For more information view on this page: Thermal Imaging

Don’t underestimate the importance of a comprehensive pre-purchase weather tightness home inspection!