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Yes! A pre-purchase building inspection lets you know about issues or potential issues that a house or building may have. It's advisable to get one for all homes as all buildings can leak or have maintenance issues, require repairs or may not meet building code requirements. It is also useful not just for potential buyers but for homeowners either thinking of selling or wanting to find out more about any issues their home has so repairs or maintenance can be done as required.

Yes, Mark is qualified with the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors and has passed all of their certification exams and has a diploma in building surveying, And is holds Transitional Membership number: BSI446 Mark is also a registered Master Inspector Association of New Zealand. Registration #2324030430AU MIANZ. 

We Inspect Monolithic Clad Buildings
We specialise in inspection of monolithic cladding. However all homes and all cladding materials have the potential to leak and we strongly recommend a weathertightness building inspection for all cladding types and homes of all ages. Unfortunately leaky homes are still being built and passed by councils.

Yes we are fully insured with Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance specifically for weathertight and building inspections with additional cover for moisture leakage and moisture penetration.

In NZ there have been problems with plaster houses being more prone to leaks - However any house can leak, even new builds. Buildings are complex and failure can happen due to original design issues, build quality or poor-quality materials and lack of correct maintenance. Some of the more common items to look out for include flat roofs without eaves, decks or balconies over living areas, and insufficient ground clearance. But there are many more areas where a building can fail. External moisture penetration is not the only worry, leaking showers and plumbing can cause massive damage. With a specialist weathertight building inspection, we will check if there are any current problems, repairs needed or maintenance issues needing attention.

No, We contact the agent and arrange all access. You only need to send us the contract details for agent or vendor. We will take care of everything as we need to work in with access times that work for both of us and the vendor. We will then send you a confirmation email with a pre inspection agreement. This lets you know the inspection is booked and covers everything that you need to know about the inspection.

Pre purchase and pre-sale reports are ready within 24 hrs.

Yes, we can do this. If you need a same-day report there will be an additional cost of $99+gst and you will receive the report the same day the inspection was completed. Please ensure you let us know you need this service.

After receiving the report we make time to discuss the findings with you on the phone 
You are encouraged to call us after reading your detailed report to discuss the findings further and talk about maintenance, repairs and if required further investigation.

We have a number of options if a building inspection discovers problems and we can advise you on the course of action to take next. This may involve an invasive or destructive building inspection to find out more. 

We are specialists in invasive and destructive testing
If you have an existing report or our inspection discovers areas of high moisture readings, thermal anomalies or you have leakage damage we can provide a quote for invasive investigations.

We offer an independent detailed objective building inspection which will help you to make an informed decision about the purchase of any property.

Site and landscaping Inspected – 
Land description, identification of faults or maintenance requirements, drainage and surface water, driveways, patios, decks and pergolas. 

Weathertightness and internal leakage – 
Using non invasive Trotec T660 moisture meters and high quality Flir E95 Thermal imaging we check all for weathertightness and internal leakage from wet areas. We test for moisture at all risk areas. 

Interior Inspected, room by room and element by element – 
Non invasive moisture testing, thermal imaging, inspection of all surfaces, maintenance, repair and improvements recommended. 

Plumbing and electrical services – 
Hidden from view these require specialist investigation. We are not electrical or plumbing specialists. However, we do look for any defects, damage or non compliant work and complete moisture testing for all wet areas. 

Subfloor / crawlspace areas inspected – 
Damage or deterioration, non compliant and dangerous construction, maintenance, Insulation, moisture and ventilation. 

Exterior areas Inspected – 
All cladding description and inspection, joinery, external penetrations, weathertightness concerns and risk factors, general and preventative maintenance, repairs and improvements. 

Roof exterior Inspected – 
Roofing materials, workmanship, faults, defects identified and recommended maintenance and repairs identified. 

Roof / attic space Inspected – 
Structure identified, moisture testing, ventilation, mould and mildew checked, structural faults identified, requirements for maintenance, repair and improvements. 

Pests – 
we will look for signs of rodents, bees, wasps, borer and birds. 

Health and safety for occupants – 
we will look at health and safety requirements covering but not limited to pool fencing, handrails, safety glass, smoke alarms and ventilation. 

Quality of workmanship – 
We look at the workmanship and compare to acceptable standards (this is related to the age of the building). 

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