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Uncover the extent of leaks and other issues with invasive building inspections

Our invasive building inspections are keyhole surgery for your home or commercial building, allowing us to investigate further (with minimal damage) any areas that have shown high moisture readings, signs of leaking e.g. wall discoloration, cracking, or other issues. 

These inspections are extremely valuable for both sellers and potential home or commercial building buyers. 

If a pre-purchase or pre sale inspections reveal any issues. We offer free peer review of any existing reports. From there we can work out a methodology for further investigation.
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Allowing you to work with the vendors to facilitate a fair and transparent negotiation process for purchasing a new building. And for owners looking to sell we can provide a scope of works for you to follow to present your building in the best condition for sale. 

With our precise endoscope cameras and only needing small incisions, we cause as little damage as possible while still ensuring an accurate assessment of your property's condition.

Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd carries out residential and commercial invasive building inspections throughout Auckland and Waikato regions. In addition, we offer free peer reviews if you're troubled by an existing building report that doesn't add up.

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Gain valuable insight with invasive building inspections in greater Auckland and Waikato regions. We also cover Taupo, Tauranga and Rotorua.

  • Invasive building inspections are generally carried out internally and investigate inside the building structure. We generally only need to make small holes for access. 2mm for driven probs, 5mm for core samples and 1.5cm for endoscope cameras. 
  • Invasive testing uses specialist equipment like endoscope cameras or moisture probes and core sample collection. 
  • Destructive inspections involve removing wall coverings internally, if possible, to check for the existence of and/or spread of any hidden damage. This allows us to complete detailed reports and provide a scope of works for repairs, remediation and improvements. 
We carry out invasive and destructive building inspections across greater Auckland and Waikato regions. We also cover Taupo, Tauranga and Rotorua.

Invasive moisture testing and investigation process

Investigation techniques for invasive building inspections include making small holes in walls, floors or ceilings ( no larger than a 10c coin ) allowing us to utilise endoscope cameras or 2mm holes to use hammer probe moisture meters as required. Holes can easily be patched and painted afterwards. Our customers include landlords, homeowners and house purchasers or sellers who want to understand the extent of any damage caused by moisture or leak issues that can't be seen.
Following a thorough investigation, you’ll receive a comprehensive report, including photos, recommendations for repairs, remediation and improvements and a follow-up phone call. 

Our comprehensive weather tight building inspections, highlight areas of concern and whether an invasive or destructive building inspection is required or remedial works are needed. 

This is a powerful bargaining tool for potential purchasers. For more information, call us today.

Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd offer a streamlined repair and if needed full recladding process

At Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd, we work with you to define the scope of work. If you are happy to proceed, we can assign an architect and a trusted team of contractors, and project manage the job from start to finish. With one point of contact for the council and other trades, we can take care of the complete remediation process, including the code of compliance. We are specialists at leaky home repairs and recladding.

Do you have a building report from someone else? No problem; we can still help. Get a second opinion with our free peer reviews - over the years we've come across many misleading or inaccurate reports so now we offer free peer reviews. We check the methodology and findings of your pre-purchase or pre-sale building inspection are correct. Often reports can be inaccurate or misleading either through inaccurate use of moisture testing equipment, poor inspection procedures or inadequate description of a building. Unfortunately often it's only in the fine print we discover it cannot be relied upon as a weather tightness report or that the inspector does not carry the correct insurance. 

For expert advice or help to mount a legal claim, call us today.

Destructive building inspections - uncovering the full picture

If further investigation is required after invasive testing, our destructive building inspections take things to the next level and can involve removing cladding from the exterior or linings from interior walls, or taking out sections of flooring or ceiling. 

Destructive building inspections reveal the extent of the hidden issues and enable development of a final report and detailed scope of works. 

If significant remedial work is required there may also be the need for council consents. It pays to hire professionals and Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd are experienced at dealing with all aspects of remedial and remediation work from new plans and council consent, construction and project management to final sign off. 

The choice between an invasive and destructive inspection depends on the specific needs of the examination and the severity of the suspected issues. Our detailed reports provide a road map and help to more accurately price repairs.

Call us today; we are Auckland and Waikato’s trusted building and weathertightness inspection company. 

Specialist Weather Tight and Building Inspections you can trust
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