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Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd are experienced and qualified for all remedial building work

It is crucial that you get experienced, qualified and knowledgeable services for all remedial work for leaky home repairs and recladding. Whether you need a full reclad, a partial reclad, internal repairs for plumbing leakage, or a complete house repair, Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd has the expertise to meet your needs. From internal or external leakage repairs to extensive rebuilding projects, we are committed to delivering a high level of service, professionalism, and expert advice to ensure your remediated building is weather-tight and structurally sound.

As Licensed Building Practitioners, our team has the qualifications and expertise needed to ensure superior outcomes. We offer peer reviews of reports and further investigations if necessary so we can scope remedial work with greater accuracy. Our dedicated team serves clients in the Waikato and Auckland regions, and we provide solutions for a wide range of building issues. 

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Professional leaky home repairs and recladding across Waikato and Auckland

  • Focusing on not just meeting compliance but exceeding standards
  • Can project manage all remedial work and required council consents from start to finish
  • Comprehensive indemnity insurance for extra peace of mind
We carry out leaky home repairs and recladding across Waikato and Auckland

Leaky home repairs and recladding experts - we go above and beyond

Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd's sound understanding of the NZ building code, and core design principles, and our construction knowledge allows us to go beyond just achieving compliance when conducting repairs or recladding. We look at how to make improvements with the rebuilding process so that issues can't happen again, and also at how to add value to a home within the reclad/repair including improvements to thermal performance, ventilation upgrades to prevent damp homes and black mold growth, and layout or renovation alterations.

When dealing with a leaky home, it’s very important the repairs are done correctly. At Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd, we have decades of experience and extensive training, so we offer the latest and most proven remedial techniques. Our leaky homes repairs and recladding services team can come in at any point in the process. You may have already had a report and extensive testing done - at this stage we can peer review the report and testing, scope the remediation work and carry out the repairs. You may have just discovered moisture or leak issues in your home - we offer weather tight building inspections, and if any issues are found, further invasive testing can be undertaken, before any remedial work required is scoped.

Whether repeated storms have made a leak issue worse, mould and mildew has got out of hand, that kitchen or bathroom leak is spreading, or you have exterior cladding weathertight issues, Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd can work with you at any stage of the process from detection and investigation to remediation and repairs. Contact us to start the process.

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The building inspection industry isn't regulated so make sure you choose a company that has the expertise and qualifications to carry out the work you require. Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd is a well-established building inspection company that is well respected across the industry for our professional building inspections which are carried out by a qualified building inspector, our testing process, and remediation work. We have the correct insurance for all work we carry out. We welcome all new enquiries - please contact us to find out more.

Avoid stress with our project management and council consent services

At Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd, we can streamline the entire repair or recladding project for you. Working with our trusted team, we deliver a high level of service and expert advice to residential and commercial customers across the Waikato and Auckland regions.

If your project requires building consents, we can liaise with the council and manage all aspects of the job, ensuring all repairs and fixes are done to the highest standards. We are your point of contact for the council and other trades, facilitating seamless communication and a smooth project progression.

Whether you need us to project manage the entire project from start to finish or step in at any stage of the process, we are here to help. 

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Specialist Weather Tight and Building Inspections you can trust
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