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Expert building inspections by a qualified building inspector

Weather Tight Solutions complete detailed inspections and give you confidence by supplying comprehensive easy to read reports.
Mark is an accredited professional building inspector trained by the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors achieving their highest level of training. All reports encompass NZS 4306:2005 Standard for Residential Property Inspections. Using the right technology for the right job, And carrying full indemnity insurance with additional wet home cover. You can be confident when buying or selling your property.  

Mark Waters started as a property developer in 2002, where he developed a passion for delivering quality projects. As years passed, he saw a gap in the market for a specialist in weather tightness issues.

Wanting to learn more, Mark has regularly travelled to Australia and the United States to further his education in design principles, and inspection and diagnosis techniques, and he spent time developing the best remedial solutions to issues raised by building inspections.

In 2010, after years of running a specialist recladding construction company, Mark established Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd. Since then, he and his team of qualified building contractors have worked with building owners and buyers in the Auckland and Waikato regions.      
Weather Tight Solutions provides industry leading weather tight and building inspections and reports.

Call Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd today for a reliable and accurate weathertight building inspection of your residential or commercial building.
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Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd provide specialist professional weathertight building and leakage inspections across Waikato and Auckland

Pre purchase and Pre sale weathertight and building inspections, New build inspections, Specialist invasive and destructive testing investigations and remedial work requirements for residential and commercial properties across the Waikato and Auckland regions. 

At Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd, we specialise in a range of services which include:

  • Specialist electrical thermal imaging for insurance and maintenance.
  • If further investigation is required due to the presence of elevated moisture readings or thermal anomalies we offer invasive and destructive inspections and testing. If you have an existing report we will peer review this free of charge and develop a methodology and quote for further investigation and completion of a final report.
  • Comprehensive building inspections and reports. After an in-depth inspection, our qualified building inspector will complete a detailed, easy-to-read report, including photos and detailed comments. Covering the building exterior and interior element by element and room by room. 
  • We highlight any issues related to design, build, materials, maintenance, improvements and repair. We detail any areas requiring further analysis by way of invasive testing and can develop a report including requirements for repairs, remedial work and general and preventative maintenance.

Free peer review of existing reports. Get a professional second opinion.

Unique to our company, we offer free peer reviews of your existing weathertightness or building reports, allowing you to get an expert second opinion on the accuracy of the supplied report. This enables us to determine if further investigation is required or if the existing report is flawed in its investigation or findings. From here we develop a scope for invasive investigation allowing us to complete a detailed investigation and provide you with a comprehensive final report. Give us a call today

Qualifications and associations that ensure Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd is offering excellent service

NZ Institute of Building Surveyors Diploma in Building Surveying

Registered Master Builder 

NZ Institute of Building Surveyors Certificate in Commercial and Asset Management

Member NZ Green Building Council   

BCITO qualified

Member of Standards NZ

NZ Institute of Building Surveyors Weathertightness training modules completed

Licensed Building Practitioner – in Site 1 and Carpentry

NZ Institute of Building Surveyors Certificate in Residential Property Inspections

NZ Institute of Building Surveyors Certificate in Forensic Building Surveying

Why Choose Us?

100% committed to mitigating risk
We give you a full understanding of potential issues, including remedies and improvements.
Help secure the best price
We equip buyers and sellers with the tools to negotiate a fair price for all interested parties.
Completely customer focused
We discuss the assessment methodology and report findings so you understand everything. 
Assist with legal claims
We have the expertise to help you prepare for legal claims and council consent requirements.
Specialist Weather Tight and Building Inspections you can trust
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