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We provide free peer reviews for existing reports so that you get a detailed second opinion and to enable us to provide you with a methodology and quote for invasive investigation. Call us to discuss the process.

Specialists in weather tight and building inspections for the Waikato and Auckland regions.

Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd's building inspections and comprehensive reports to ensure you understand the building in detail allowing you to make informed decisions. Whether you are worried about a specific weathertightness issue including storm damage or internal leakage in your existing property or you require a maintenance, pre purchase or pre sale inspection. If you are buying or selling a property, talk to us first. 

Our building inspections are carried out by Mark our senior inspector. Our reports cover a range of items, including (but not limited to):

• Weather tightness and external moisture penetration. 
• Internal moisture issues in wet areas, including kitchens, laundries and bathrooms and plumbing. 
• Insulation, ventilation and thermal performance. 
• Structural stability. 
• Health risks including sick home syndrome.
• General and preventative maintenance that's needed. 

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Following a thorough investigation, your easy-to-read, detailed report which includes a summary for easy reference; showing the buildings current condition and any recommendations for improvement and requirements for maintenance and repairs is emailed to you. 

If our inspection discovers leaks, high moisture readings or thermal anomalies, we will describe the process for further investigation which may include an invasive building inspection.

We also offer free peer reviews to evaluate existing reports to ensure the findings are correct. And can develop a scope and quote for invasive investigation. We can also help prepare legal claims by completing detailed weathertightness reports for your lawyer and or council for COC or COA consent applications. 

Call the specialist building and weathertight inspection company in Auckland and Waikato you can rely on.

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Get peace of mind with our comprehensive residential and commercial pre-purchase weathertightness and building inspections

  • Pre-purchase, pre-sale and full weather tight building inspections and detailed reports
  • Inspections for residential and commercial properties
  • Thermal imaging for moisture detection, insulation evaluation and electrical thermal imaging for commercial preventative maintenance and insurance requirements. 
  • We provide free peer reviews for existing reports so that you get a detailed second opinion and to enable us to provide you with a methodology and quote for invasive investigation. Call us to discuss the process. 
Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd works across Waikato and Auckland regions
We provide free peer reviews for existing reports so that you get a detailed second opinion and to enable us to provide you with a methodology and quote for invasive investigation. Call us to discuss the process.

Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd works across Waikato and Auckland regions

Be 100% confident with our detailed building and weather tightness inspections and reports. Take the anxiety out of your property purchase.

Plaster buildings aren't the only buildings that leak. Our thorough inspections, including comprehensive weather tightness investigation, provide valuable insight and transparency into the condition and integrity of a building with any type of cladding. Unfortunately, even new builds can and do have issues so make sure you understand any property before making decisions. 

Detailed inspections with full assessment externally and internally highlight current issues and form a roadmap for repairs or preventative maintenance for the next three to five years. As a homeowner considering selling, or as a potential buyer of a residential or commercial property, our professional reports help you make more informed decisions.
In addition to our room-by-room analysis, we consider the design, how complex the building is and what it's made of. We also inspect the foundations, subfloor, cladding, drainage, joinery, roof exterior, spouting and downpipes, attic roof space, insulation, flooring, plumbing and drainage, hot water system and any other items on-site like retaining walls, decks, paths and the driveway.

At Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd, we continually train to keep up with building regulations and inspection processes here and overseas. Applying this knowledge ensures you get the most up-to-date and comprehensive evaluation. Our written report and recommendations give you all you need to negotiate a better deal, plan urgent repairs or determine a realistic selling or purchase price. Be safe and sure, check before you buy with the team at Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd, Call us today.

Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd can handle all aspects of the repair and remediation process for you

Armed with all the information you need to make an informed decision, what’s next? As part of our service, our building inspection reports include additional information to simplify the process. If you are a homeowner or have a commercial building with a report showing high moisture readings, the need for repairs, remediation or maintenance we can help. Our invasive building inspections enable us to examine the hidden underlying issues. Invasive investigations, think along the lines of key-hole surgery using driven probes, endoscope cameras and removal of core samples through to destructive testing which can involve removing sections of the internal linings or external cladding. Allowing us to carry out in-depth moisture tests of the structure's hidden construction elements, showing their current condition the source of leakage and the extent of damage.

In addition to investigations, we can also recommend repairs and organise the whole project from start to finish. No one wants to have to deal with leaky home repairs and recladding, but you can be assured that our team is compliant with council regulations and requirements, and can handle all aspects of the remediation process from development of plans and concepts, council consent applications and COC sign off including full construction and project management. Call today for extra peace of mind and top-quality service.

Get more in-depth information with thermal imaging moisture testing, insulation audits and electrical thermal reports

Our state-of-the-art Flir thermal imaging camera captures temperature changes not seen by the naked eye. As experts in our field, we interpret this information and report on areas of concern. We can see everything from missing insulation, to tracking water leaks and gaps in the exterior letting in air and potentially moisture.

Often electrical thermal imaging reports form part of your company's insurance policy requirements. At Weather Tight Solutions NZ Ltd, our specialised equipment quickly identifies hot spots preventing equipment failure, machine damage or fire. Early detection also helps reduce expensive breakdowns and disruptions to your business. In addition, our full thermal assessment reports assist in maintaining compliance and are valuable as part of your health and safety programme. Call today for inspections throughout Waikato and Auckland.
Specialist Weather Tight and Building Inspections you can trust
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